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Our Mission

At AquaRealTime, our mission is environmental sustainability and best practices in the management of water, our most critical resource. We are committed to improving the health of our lakes, rivers, and oceans globally, by equipping our customers with the data and analysis tools needed to make informed decisions.


AquaRealTime proudly supports four of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):

UN Goal 6 - Water.png
UN Goal 11 - Sustainable Cities.png
UN Goal 13 - Climate.png
UN Goal 14 - Below Water.png

Our Team

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Chris Lee holds a PhD in Electrical Engineering from CU Boulder and has 15 years experience successfully bringing to market monitoring and virtual reality systems for life science applications.


chris lee.jpeg

Founder and CEO

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Matt Collins brings over 15 years experience in manufacturing of outdoor systems  with deep knowledge of materials, PCB design, process management, waterproof systems, and manufacturing certifications.

Matt Collins


Lead Manufacturing Engineer



Kara is our do-everything engineer: from front-end and firmware development, to scientific  reporting, to customer success, Kara excels in many areas. She bring 5 years of experience at Kestrel Labs Inc. doing scientific research. In her free time, Kara enjoys any adventure outside, lifting heavy things and eating.

Marketing Intern



Joe has commercialized products from concept through production spanning the automotive, aerospace, consumer electronics, medical devices, and telecom industries for companies including Tesla Motors, Hologic, White Rock Networks and Lockheed.  When not creating product, he can be found repurposing antique pocket watches into wristwatches or cooking authentic Chinese Hot Pot.

Senior Mechanical Engineer


todd-hochwitz 2.jpg

Todd's experience spans the gamut of electrical design from solar projects to cellular and wifi design, with previous positions at Technical Mandala and CarboAnalytics. In his spare time Todd enjoys the Colorado backcountry.

Senior Electrical Engineer


Khai Nguyen is a vice president of corporate strategy for Verizon. He previously held senior roles in finance and product management in internet infrastructure, cyber security, public safety, telecom, and financial services industries.



VP, Corporate Strategy, Verizon

Jonathan Birge holds a PhD in Electrical Engineering from MIT, with a focus on ultrafast laser sensing. He has over 20 years of experience in the design of advanced optics applications, with 5 patents and over 60 refereed publications.

Jon Birge (1).jpg


Technology Advisor

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