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Improve Utility Efficiency and Performance

Make data driven decisions to reduce contamination, decrease operational costs, and increase team productivity

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Water contamination is steadily rising while treatment costs continue to grow

Accurate monitoring of contamination levels in source water empowers you to use the right treatments and chemical doses at the right time, improving performance and reducing costs.

Reduce Taste and Odor compounds

With forewarning of organics entering the plant from our dashboard and email alerting system, you can scale up chemical use or coagulants, time sedimentation proactively, reduce organic loads on filters, and minimize T&O issues.

Choose your source wisely

AquaRealTime provides up to date information on the status of your surface water every 30 minutes, so you can make timely decisions to switch over to another reservoir or to ground water if that's available. 

Quantifiable ROI

Coagulants, disinfectants, pH adjusters, taste and odor control chemicals, algaecides, the bill adds up fast for control of organics including turbidity and algae. 
With our Tracker monitoring products, a 25 MGD plant can realize an ROI well over 1,000% by reducing chemical doses strategically at the right times, and increasing them when needed.


Go ahead, splurge

Gone are the days where one water quality sonde sinks your whole monitoring budget. With a low unit cost, you can cover more locations with less expense than you thought possible. Choose from an affordable subscription model or a concierge Package plan with included Preventive Maintenance.  

Three easy steps to get started

Install Trackers at strategic locations like a water intake, the inflow to a reservoir, or a known location for contaminants
Press the power button for 8 seconds. The Trackers update with new data every 30 minutes over included cellular data.
Log in to the richly featured dashboard to view and analyze your data, set up alerts and view weekly reports. 

Key features

AquaRealTime's AlgaeTracker measures critical water parameters that affect your plant's performance: algae, cyanobacteria, turbidity, water temperature, solar light, precipitation, and wind. Dissolved Oxygen is available separately.  

The Trackers are GPS tracked and send out alerts if moved or tampered with. 

Our best of breed anti-fouling system and intelligent system health diagnostics and alerting ensure minimal maintenance requirements. 

30 minute installation

With our marine grade Rugged Rigging Package, deployment is plug and play. Just connect one end of the Rigging Package to the Tracker, and the other to an  anchor or any fixed object, and you're done.

State of the art sensor accuracy

The litmus test for sensor accuracy of optical measurements of water parameters is the R linearity value, where a perfect sensor has a value of 1.0.
AquaRealTime optical sensors have been independent lab tested to exceed 0.999 R   values in rhodamine solutions, and 0.99 in live cyanobacteria. 
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