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Installation Guide


Place the AlgaeTracker at an inlet, near a swimming beach, or where algae blooms have occurred in the past.

Minimum Requirements

  • Water depth of at least 3 feet

  • Receives direct sunlight most of the day

  • Away from heavily trafficked area


  • Navigation buoy or anchor

  • Counter buoy

  • Marine floating line

  • AlgaeTracker

AlgaeTracker, Placement.png

Securing the Device

AlgaeTracker, Attachment Point.png
  • Secure the navigation buoy or anchor.

  • Attach the counter buoy to the navigation buoy or anchor with enough line to account for any changes in water level (flooding, wind or wake caused by motor boats).

  • Attach the AlgaeTracker to the counter buoy using the above water attach ring and ~12-18"of floating line to the counter buoy.

Contact us with any questions.
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