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Lead Firmware / Software Engineer

Role overview

Do you like developing systems and working outside? We are seeking an experienced, talented, and motivated firmware/software engineer with some electronics experience to further develop communication from our IOT sensor buoys to our cloud web application. 

You will work partly at your own location using your own PC, on site with others in the team (after the current health crisis abates), and at our test lake north of Boulder.


  • Solve complex problems in a flexible, fun work environment

  • Take a leadership role and have a direct impact on product development for a Techstars and EPA-backed startup

  • Flexible, remote work

  • Combine working outside with developing software and hardware 

  • Competitive salary

What you'll be doing:

  • Changing our communications from a 'pull' method to a 'push' method

  • Implementing storing of measured water data on EEPROM or off board flash if the cellular connection is not adequate for transmission

  • Syncing the stored data back to the cloud when cellular connection is resumed in an efficient manner

  • Testing and improving communications from the communications micro-controller to the sensor micro-controller over UART

  • Writing code that controls the buoys' self-cleaning mechanism, as well as multiple other hardware functions

  • Performing testing of your work in the broader system integrated with our web application and cloud software, including testing outdoors at our test site on a reservoir north of Boulder.

  • If you have experience with web app stacks, we will also have tasks on that front.


The successful candidate will have opportunity to branch into other interesting and challenging projects, as we expand our edge computing capabilities in our IOT sensors. These could include adding sensors to our buoys or adding features to the Cloud side web application.

You have: 

  • A degree in Electrical Engineering, or Computer Science (if you also have experience with circuits)

  • Strong C and C++ coding skills

  • Experience programming micro-controllers

  • Experience and solid understanding of how to set up and use analog inputs and outputs, serial communications like UART and I2C, analog outputs, and GPIO

  • Understanding of and experience with circuits and electronics

It would be nice if you have:

  • Web app experience: HTML/CSS Vue, Node, javascript, Rest API

  • Experience programming the Particle Electron (or Boron or other Particle products) or other IOT connected tech

  • Experience with biological systems, especially aquatic systems

To Apply:

Please email a resume and brief description of your previous relevant work.

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