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AlgaeTracker featured at Techstars demo day

From September to December 2019 AquaRealTime moved to Indianapolis to attend the famous TechStars accelerator with 9 other companies seeking to disrupt existing markets by pioneering the next generation of solutions in infrastructure and environmental services.

The accelerator was created in partnership with local infrastructure and environmental services giant The Heritage Group. The corporate partnership adds powerful industry expertise by offering hands-on mentorship, business development opportunities, and access to resources to help accelerate startups.

Techstars and THG invest generously in their startup companies and AquaRealTime continued its development and testing of the AlgaeTracker during the program.

The program culminates with Demo Day, where each of the 10 companies showcased their products and business plans.

Here's AquaRealTime's CEO Christopher Lee pitching about real time early detection and mitigation of harmful algae blooms using IOT sensors and predictive analytics.


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