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Monitor and Protect Your Source Water

Rapid Detection of Organic Contamination

Continuous water monitoring offers 24/7 visibility into reservoirs, creeks and rivers, reducing contamination detection time from days to hours with real time alerting.

Optimized Chemical Treatment

Real time data enables proactive adjustment of chemical treatment in the plant or the reservoir, minimizing costs and environmental impacts.

Simplified Operations

Remote access to readings and an all-in-one web dashboard streamline operations, saving time and resources.

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Detect costly taste and odor issues before they reach the plant.

Rapid algal growth and turbidity swings from rain and wind can suddenly reach the plant, creating taste and odor issues and regular emergencies.

Real time continuous data with alerting at action thresholds means you can be more proactive by planning your treatment process or switching sources before the contamination reaches the plant.



Real time data every 30 minutes 


  • Turbidity

  • Green algae

  • Cyanobacteria

  • Water temperature 

  • PAR light

  • Wind, rain

  • Live GPS location


  • Turbidity

  • Water temperature 

  • PAR light

  • Wind, rain

  • Live GPS location

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Reduce and save on chemical usage

Chlorine dioxide, copper sulfate for algae, ferric sulfate for turbidity, powder activated carbon... The costs of chemicals are a big driver of operational expense. 

With real time data you can r
educe chemical use when it is not needed and​ increase it when contamination rises.

You can also switch to a different water source in a timely manner.
Either way, your time to action is reduced, which decreases costs and increases stakeholder satisfaction.


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Get to know the TurbiTracker and AlgaeTracker with a 20 minute demo of the hardware, dashboard, and alerting.

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Lightning fast installation and low maintenance

Install the Tracker in 30 minutes using our incredibly simple rigging package, and login to your dashboard to see your real time readings within 5 minutes.

At only 10 pounds, you can easily move it around to optimize location.

Because our sensors are all optical with self cleaning, you can go months without maintenance, then it takes only 10 minutes to perform routine cleaning.


Large-Scale Data & Actionable Insights

The Trackers notify you when important events occur based on Alerting settings you can customize to your process. Once Action Thresholds are reached, you can  saving you needless trips to sample manually. 


5-10 x Lower Cost of Ownership

The Tracker is priced to be deployable regardless of budget. Using new hardware and software advancements, we’re able to provide the Tracker at a surprisingly affordable cost. You can choose a Package with zero recurring fees, or a Subscription and pay as you go with low upfront cost. 


Privacy and Security

Tracker data is encrypted, stored in secure servers, and is never shared with anyone unless you opt to share it. You can download the data easily to a csv file any time, view multiple locations on a single map, and enable access to as many staff and stakeholders as you want.

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